Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Camp Rocks

A few weeks ago Makenzie was a volunteer for Camp Rocks. This is a 3 day overnight camp for special needs kids. A friend of ours organizes camps for these kids through out the year and all summer long. Makenzie has volunteered for theses camps in the summer as did Brittney when she wasn't working.

During camp rock Makenzie was assigned to a specific kid and was with him during the day and was his camp buddy. This camp is not only fun for these kids, but a lot of fun for all the volunteers as well. They get to swim, do archery, basically camp things. The fun thing they did was have a paint war. I almost think the volunteers enjoy this more than the kids.

The boy Makenzie was assigned to

Makenzie with another camper on the drive home

Some of the volunteers, including Makenzie at the far right

Had pink hair for a few days until all the paint washed out

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