Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Colors

The one thing I miss from Colorado is the fall, I don't miss the cold, but I miss the cooler weather of fall and all the colors. I'm glad I was able to enjoy a beautiful fall weekend in Utah and catch some of the colors. We first went to Bridal Veil Falls, but there wasn't a lot of colors, so we left there and went up the canyon a little farther and started to hike towards Stewart Falls. I did this hike this summer. Brittney was in a nice pair of sandals and I was in flip flops so we just hiked up enough to see some colors and some beautiful colors we did see.

Matthew and Brittney on the bridge headed towards Bridal Veil Falls

Matthew, Marti and Brittney on the path at Bridal Veil Falls 
Off the pathe towards Stewart Falls

Our hiking shoes

Brittney trying to get some traction going down a steep hill

Success, she made it without falling!


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