Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Apartment

I only have pictures of Brittney's apartment, Matthew lives in the same complex and his apartment is the same as hers except that his smells since one of his roommates has fish tanks and lizard aquariums that don't give off a very nice aroma. Both apartments have 4 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room and a washer and dryer. Brittney is on the 4th floor and Matthew is on a 3rd floor. That was fun moving in, there are elevators, but with everyone moving in at once, it was quicker to take the stairs, so yes we were a little sore the next day. They each have room to themselves. Brittney has her friend Julia Hatfield in her apartment, they shared a dorm room together last year and there are 2 other girls from St George, Utah. Matthew has Mike Johnson in his apartment as well as the pet store owner and I don't think the other guy has moved in yet, maybe the fish and reptiles scared him away or the smell or all the super hero decals every where. I just hope they both have a great year in college.

Brittney moving into her room

The living room 

The kitchen

The courtyard

The pool
The view from the  4th floor walkway

Starting to get settled

This was in the lobby when they checked in, a chocolate fountain, with fruit,
popcorn, chips and later they brought out pop, the real stuff, they had Coke and Diet Coke
and not the decaffeinated stuff!!


JeanneJ said...

The lizards, etc. are now gone! Yay! Mike said the place smells better already :-).

Marti said...

Yes, I heard the lizards are gone!!!