Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sea World

We have always loved Sea World, but we were a little disappointed this trip. The Shamu show was boring, since the trainers are no longer allowed to get in the water with the whales. They also took out the log ride which was a family favorite. The water park entrance is no longer part of a your Sea World entrance, it is 30 dollars more on top of your regular Sea World entrance, so we didn't get to cool off in the water park. Jacob and I had to wait in line for an hour just to get a hamburger for lunch, everyone else went to get pasta and pizza, but Jacob wanted a hamburger so I waited in line with him. It was absolutely ridiculous! We still had fun, but it was hot and we missed the Sea World from a few years ago! There was a funny show at the end of the day at the Sea Lion's Stadium, they spoofed all the other shows and the security guards, so glad we went to that show! We also had fun taking pictures in the gift shop's where we went to cool off!

Brittney wanted the beluga whale

You too can train a whale

Trying on back packs

Makenzie and Jacob are ready for high school

Love the turtle on back of the alligator

White sided dolphins

A Beluga whale

Waiting for the Sea Lion show

A baby Shamu

A baby sea lion. They said it was only about a month old

A baby sea lion that found a comfy spot for a nap, kind of like Brittney

Sea Lions sun bathing, kind of like me

We are hot and tired

this is how we really feel

Dale being eaten by Shamu

Se Lion with an Elmo mask
An otter on a fake wake board

Dale is like, get in the car and quit taking pictures.


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