Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fiesta Texas

We took a short weekend vacation to San Antonio last weekend. We were going to go to Florida this week, until we found out Jacob had football practice this week, so we settled for San Antonio. It was HOT!!! It was 104 all the days we were there and it felt like it. Our first stop was Fiesta Texas.
Getting ready to hit the park!

Waiting in line for the gates to open

The swings

Dale flying, just not in a plane

This is suppose to be a picture of how soaked we were getting off the Gully Washer, but Matthew, cut us off at the waist and missed the ride sign in the back ground and he was running from a bee so he didn't take any more pics. 

Like the guy in the background photo bombing us

A ride Matthew, Jacob and I elected to skip!

Jacob running from a bee! There were bees every where, but they were harmless, but it was fun to watch Jacob squirm!

A storm started to blow through so we headed out of the park and made it to the car just in time

The Goliath

Six Flags Over Texas

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