Thursday, August 16, 2012

RCW No More

Matthew would never ride roller coasters when we went to amusement parks so we started calling him RCW, Roller Coaster Weenie. Well, we finally got him on a roller coaster at our recent trip to Fiesta Texas, I might add I even went on it, even though I closed my eyes the whole time. so Matthew is no longer a RCW!!
After we rode Goliath, Jacob didn't go in it, but we did get him on another roller coaster

That is Goliath in the back ground

Speaking of RCW, we went to Fiesta Texas a few years ago with some friends during Spring Break. Jacob would not go on any roller coaster, but they finally managed to get him one before we left the park, this is the same roller coaster he rode 5 times this past trip. I was talking to the friend who went with us a few days ago and told her Jacob went on Road Runner 5 times. She told me she told Jacob a few years ago that his children would be deprived if he didn't take them on roller coasters, his response was, "I will be in the NBA and have a Nanny and she will take them on the roller coasters."

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