Thursday, November 10, 2011

Texas High School Football

This past Saturday, our high school, played our rival high school in football. It was a beautiful day for it also!It is always a big game. If someone  were to fly over the stadium, they would think there was a college game going on. It is always sold out with people sitting on the grassy hill. We lost, not a big surprise, but a little depressing, but we were the first school to hold them under 40 points this year. The only time we beat this team was Matthew's senior year. It's my claim to fame that the team that beat Katy was the team our son was on. Here are a few pictures taken at the tailgate party before the game and the crowd. Nothing like Texas High School Football, but it's hard to see your team lose.    
Jacob and some of his buddies who he played football with.

Dale and Makenzie

Makenzie has some strength to pick me up!

Our team getting ready to come out onto the field.
The other team's mascot is the Tiger's, that's why there is a Hello Kitty sign

The opposing teams side

Our side, took this at the end of half time so the empty seats belong to the band who hadn't all got back into the stands yet

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