Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another BYU Game

We were able to go to another BYU football game this year. This game was against TCU and it was at the Cowboy's Stadium in Dallas. Once again a Texas team beat us. Here are a few favorite quotes from that game:
The guys selling beverages in the BYU section, "Ice cold, non-alcoholic beverages" They were trying to sell beer until someone finally told them they they wouldn't sell any in our section, but how tempted was I to buy one just to see what people would say.

They were announcing the athlete of the week from TCU's football team. At the end they said, "He is one of several athletes working towards his degree". Shouldn't they all be working towards a degree??

While crossing a street going to the car a cop said, "Watch out for drunk people(to the BYU group) and drunk people watch out for cops(as the TCU fans followed).

Too bad we lost but we had fun and to top it off, the hotel I booked was right next to a Pappasito's. Guess where we had lunch on Saturday.
Jacob and Makenzie over looking the End Zone at Cowboy's Stadium
Notice the message on the screen behind them, I assume it was for a BYU fan.

I keep dragging Dale to these BYU games

The Big Screen. I would find myself watching the game on it instead of the on the field 

View from our seats. They wouldn't let me take my telephoto lens in or it would have looked closer.

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