Thursday, November 10, 2011

Basketball Madness Has Begun

After many weeks of scrimmages, Makenzie finally had her first basketball game of the season. Her winning streak is still alive. She had a good game and scored 7 of their first 11 points. She also had more points, just not sure how many. She also had her work cut out for her. She is always the one to have to guard the "big" girl from the other teams and she usually wears them out. This particular team had 3 big girls that were much bigger than Makenzie so they could rotate them in and out. She almost played the whole game. When they took all their big girls out, Makenzie was able to take a breather. She played hard as she always does!
Makenzie one of the team captains

Michelle and Makenzie have played together  since 7th grade and have not lost a game yet 

Makenzie making the first basket of the game

Holding the ball running time off the clock

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Erin said...

Holy cow, she wasn't guarding a big girl, she was guarding a beast.