Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Land No More

Until last week these cute kiddo's only existed in blog land. I have followed Scrunch and Porkchop(blog names) since they were born. So glad that I finally got to meet them in person, and Scrunch has just as much personality, even more, than her Mom blogs about!

My favorite story from Scrunch is when she wanted a fruit roll-up. Her mom asked her how many she had had. Scrunch replied, "5 plus 2 more", her mom told her she didn't need anymore. Scrunch hit her hands on her legs and and while raising them up siad, "Come on." Brittney started to laugh so her mom had to give her one. no worries, she really didn't have that many roll-ups. Our kids were wondering if that would work on a ref in a basketball game when they call a foul on them.

Scrunch also ask "Why" to everything. She was spinning around on a chair and I asked her why she was doing that. She said because it was fun. I asked her why, to which she replied, "I don't want to talk about it."
Scrunch putting up the Go Fish cards

Scrunch feeding Grami's chickens

Porkchop showing off how strong he is

Don't worry, this was staged.   

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