Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank goodness for 7 on 7

Now that football is over and BYU is out the the basketball tourney, we are happy to have 7 on 7 start up!
Jacob had 2 games last night and they won both of them. He had 2 touchdown catches. He only played QB for on series, but that was by choice, he has more fun catching the ball than throwing and his arm isn't as strong as the other kid that plays QB, so it works out well.
These pictures are not real good because we were looking directly into the sun. I would have had to stand in the game on the other half of the field to avoid the sun, but sun is a good thing! 
 Nice run by Jacob
 Jacob with the play book
 Jacob on defense

 Nice leaping catch by Jacob

 Another nice catch
 One of his touchdown catches and runs
 Jacob happy that his teammate scored
Jacob as the QB

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