Monday, April 18, 2011

Dale Was Right

 Dale was wondering why they didn't move Makenzie from JV track up to Varsity track.  I told him she probably wasn't throwing far enough to move to Varsity. Dale always thought she did and he was proved right when I pulled up the results from the JV and Varsity  district track meets. Makenzie would have placed 4th in shot put and 3rd in discus up on Varsity. Varsity 1st through 3rd place goes on to Regionals. Makenzie could have gone to Regionals in discus with her throw. Oh well, we have Youth Conference this weekend(that's when Regionals are) and in Makenzie's words, "I don't have to practice this week". It is really hot this week also. Yes, they spelled Makenzie's name wrong.

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