Saturday, April 9, 2011


The dogs were going nuts barking this morning and when we went outside we found out why.
Brittney's car was getting sticky noted and he also left some pretty flowers.
Brittney has a prom date.

Had to take a close up picture of the flower

Brittney actually knew who she was going with, they had already discussed it, he just needed to ask in a cute way and Brittney had to respond in a cute way.
They have a joke where he(his name is Nathan) tells her to do her job and make him a sandwich.
She did her job and mad him a PB&J sandwich spelling YES. 
Brittney dropped this off at his house only to be met by Nathan's parents and grandparents, awkward, good thing Makenzie was with her. They invited them in and Nathan had to explain the whole sandwich thing to them, I think his mom was a little embarrassed that he would say that to her.
So next month we get Prom pictures!   

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