Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guys Night Out - Final Four

I wasn't planning on it, but Friday night I decided I would take Jacob and go the Final Four since it was in Houston this year. How often are we going to have the chance to attend a Final Four? Jacob wore his BYU sweet sixteen shirt, but I think he was the only one in the whole crowd wearing a BYU shirt. I told him he needed to make a sign saying, "Jimmer, wish you were here." Jacob said he saw someone wearing a San Diego State shirt. If only....

Marti let me take her good camera and big lens.  On the way in there was a sign that said, "No professional lenses (lenses >3")".  Having had a bad experience with security guards on a previous occasion (I'm less of a Bronco's fan now), I was a little hesitant to use the big lens. 


Before we went in we stopped by the tailgate area.

Jacob shooting around on the outdoor court.

We run into some characters in the strangest places.
 We saw Tyson at the BYU-TCU game too.

Jacob starting the skills challenge with a left-handed lay-up.
 Not really a big challenge for him.

Skills challenge - dribbling

Skills challenge - passing

Finishing up the skills challenge with a 3 point shot.

Jacob reading the program.  Finding inspiration for the future?

VCU pre-game huddle.  Jacob was cheering for VCU.

Game #1 - Tip-off

VCU going in for half-time.  They didn't have enough to pull out the win against Butler.

Game #2 - UCONN's Kemba Walker.  We were cheering for Kentucky,
primarily since Walker is in the race with Jimmer for player of the year.

Kentucky was wearing blue.  This shows how things were going for
 Kentucky in the first half.

Kentucky going in at half-time.  They were down ten and body
 language was not saying good things.

Half-time show for the TV audience. 
Charles Barkley talking to the Butler Coach and a player (Howard) before going on the air.

Post-show debrief.  Charles, what were you saying?
I should have held up a sign, "Charles, my mother wants your autograph"

Kentucky came out an went on a big run to get back in the game.  They had a chance
 to tie or win the game with just a few seconds left, but just couldn't pull it off.

Not only did Jacob push the button for a record setting launch of model rockets, now he's part of another record.  Everyone wasn't  sitting down at once.  For the semi-finals, people wander in and out depending on the team or game they are interested in.
  Jacob and I had a good time.  Maybe we will get to go to another Final Four some day.

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