Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parent's Night

Last night was the last home game and Makenzie's last basketball game of the year.
The Varsity girls still have playoffs, but not at home.
They recognized the players and their parents before the game.
Dale got stuck in a meeting at work and didn't make it early enough to be in
Makenzie's picture, but made it to her game. 
 Makenzie and I skipping out on the floor!
 Freshman A Team and their parents
 Yes, she is a Senior, Nothing like having that feeling hit you right before hand.
As they introduced the Seniors on Varsity, they told a little bit about them and what their future plans are. Brittney is headed to BYU(still haven't had that confirmed yet) to major in Math Education.  We are truly proud of her!!
 Seniors also got an extra bouquet of flowers.

Brittney was also recognized as a Senior at the game on Saturday. It was that teams last home game and they recognized our team's Seniors. I thought it was a really nice gesture. Our team copied and recognized the Seniors of the team we played last night.

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