Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Choice

Today, I spent my morning covering plants due to the incoming cold temps. We have to palms(we had more but lost them last year during days of freezing weather) that are hard to keep covered. I thought I had them covered well until an hour later I noticed the wind had blown them off. I went back out and covered them again and put big rocks and bricks on the tarps to hold it down. That lasted all of 30 minutes. Went back out and got the smaller palm covered and in the process pulled a muscle in my neck, now I can't turn my head to the right so I left the other palm uncovered. Well, the covered palm only lasted about an hour.... I gave up!

This afternoon I was dropping some food off for Makenzie before her basketball game. I was waiting for Brittney to come out and get it for her and saw the soccer team loading a bus. I looked at the car temperature and saw 34 degrees in the mirror. Got home and checked the wind chill, it is currently feels like 22 degrees since the wind is blowing at 25 mph. As much as I love soccer, I'm so glad Makenzie chose basketball over it, especially today. I like sports in a climate controlled area!  

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