Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Girl Track

Makenzie had her first High School track meet last night. She has only been in track for 2 days since she was in basketball. She is on the JV team, but with a little work, hopes to be moved up to Varsity. She did really well considering she hasn't really had any practice. She got 1st place in shotput and we don't know if she placed in discus or not since we left before everyone had thrown. She wasn't throwing all that well in discus and them she had a really good throw but it was just barely out of the sector so it was a scratch. If it had been inbounds she would have had the farthest throw up to that point. Her coach told her not to worry, she will get there with more practice. She really did a great job and we are proud of all the effort she puts into what she does! 

The coach giving all the girls gum before they throw

This is the look just after the discus just hit out of bounds :(

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