Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too Many Clothes

I thought it was time to go through all of Matthew's clothes yesterday. He had them all over the room, closet and both dressers were stuffed. Also one of the rods in his closet broke, probably  due to clothes over load.
I bagged up all the shirts and pants I know won't fit and donated them today, two big bags full!
He has more hoodies! The top picture is just of his hoodies and that doesn't include the ones his sisters have already taken or the ones in the wash.
I kept like 100 t-shirts. That's not including button up or polo shirts.When does he even wear that many shirts??? I did gather up all his school t-shirts to make him a t-shirt quilt.
He has plenty of cargo and sports shorts and pj bottoms.
He still has a drawer full of socks and another drawer full of boxers and spandex.
Under the bed is home to his many pairs of shoes.
Now to pack them up for the next few years.

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