Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Night Lights

 Jacob's football season is finally under way. They played last night and won 20-18. It wasn't pretty but it was a win. Jacob did a great job. He had quite a few nice runs. He only threw 2 passes, one was caught and the other the receiver stopped so it was over thrown. The coaches did yell at the kid for stopping, so it was more his fault than Jacob's. This was a frustrating game for Jacob since most of the kids on his team have never played football before. There are a few that have played but not many. Most of his old youth football team is playing on the A team and he is on the B team. He will tell you he didn't play well, but he did, especially considering he was with a "new" team. He did say he had fun though, so that's important! He is #7. He wanted 18 since that was Matthew's high school number, but we told him Matthew was #7 in 7th grade also.
I also got to be all official with a photo pass so I could go out on the field and take pictures.  
Jacob's fan club
Ready to take his first snap
The Jacob stance

Monday Night Lights
Leading the huddle

Jacob with his best friend Thomas. This is Thomas's first year playing football.
 We are glad they are on the same team!

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