Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Now I can function a little better since we finally got an email from Matthew. Three weeks is a long time to not hear from him! I am thankful for email though, it may have been a lot longer if it was just regular old fashion mail. I am so thankful that he is serving a mission, even if I do miss him. I am thankful for the blessings we receive as a family because of his service.

I am also thankful to Sister Powell, she works in the Santiago Mission home. She is from Dallas, but grew up in Houston, and has a brother that has lived in Katy and also works for ConocoPhillips. She has been a great help in answering questions that I have and I feel like I have a real friend in her.

We had a really bad football weekend this past week. All my teams(College and NFL) lost including Jacob's team. I am thankful though, that Jacob played well and didn't get hurt. they had a teammate break his tibia. No injuries is something to be extremely thankful for each week!

While at Jacob's game I was reading a comment on the bathroom stall wall. It said, Cinco Ranch Sucks Mortan Ranch freakin' rocks. I cleaned that up a little bit, but my point is they misspelled  the name of their school, it's Morton not Mortan. I am thankful my kids don't write on bathroom walls and that they know how to spell the name of their high school.

I am thankful for Dale. He is an incredible father and great husband, but he also does little things that are nice. He had the day off yesterday and he took my Suburban to get new tires so I could go and get my safety inspection sticker. After he got the tires, he went and got the oil changed and my safety inspection sticker for me. I would be doing that right now instead of writing on the blog.

I am thankful for prayer. It has really gotten me through the last few months! I'm also thankful that we live in an area that prayer is still accepted. A few examples are that school sports teams have team prayers before games and most recently Makenzie's basketball team was praying together before class for a classmate that was just diagnosed with Leukemia. The coach came into the locker room and all the girls were crying, she asked why, and they told her. she asked them if they would like to say a prayer, but they already had. There are still a lot of good teenagers out there! I'm also thankful I was able to go to the Temple and put this girls name on the prayer roll.

I'm really thankful that we have had some fall weather arrive. It's still in the upper 80's, but it is a dry heat and we are having cooler mornings for me to run in. This weather just makes me happy!  

I always have something to be thankful for, no matter how big or small it may be. I am truly blessed!

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