Friday, September 17, 2010

Saving Mom Laundry.....Kind Of

This morning when I walked up my stairs I could smell something really bad!! By the smell I could tell it was some of Jacob's football clothes. I went into his room and in his hamper sat 3 pairs of very wet and ripe socks. I was gagging over the smell. I went and got a plastic bag to pick them up to put in the washer. I held my breath as I turned them right side out. They were washed all by themselves on the sanitary cycle. Later on I got to thinking, why were there only socks in his hamper, where were his clothes from yesterday, I had done all the laundry yesterday, but not the clothes he was wearing. I figured he just wore them to bed and left them on and took an extra pair of clothes to put on after his shower after football practice(he has practice at 6 am). When he got home from school I asked him if he had the same clothes on that he wore yesterday(he had a high school football shirt on and he has a bunch of those so I wasn't sure which one he had on yesterday). He said no. So I asked him if he took a change of clothes to school and he said no. After he thought for a second, he realized he did wear the same clothes. Thank goodness he took a clean pair of boxers and socks to put on after his practice. In his defense, he is really tired in the morning, especially when we leave the house at 5:35 am. At that time, I'm not all there either!

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