Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Flies By Too Fast

It's hard to believe that this baby is now old enough to go on a mission. It seems like he was just born. It's been hard these last few days trying to get him ready to go because the tears start flowing. It's easy to ignore it so I don't think about it! You spend 19 years preparing and hoping they will serve a mission and those last few weeks it's hard to prepare, at least for me. I couldn't be more happier that he is serving a mission, but I will miss him a lot! I will have to say that there are days I want to kick him all the way to the Dominican Republic myself, but I think that's the Lord's way of helping me let go. Matthew you are loved and we are grateful for the decision you have made to serve a mission. You will be missed! 


needlenut said...

I remember having the same feelings. Especially when you are sending off your last child so far away. Matt is such a good example he will do great and be home before you know it.

grandma/mom said...

I remember feeling that way five times and it never got easier. Each one has such a personality that added to our family. I have tears just writing this. Crazy me. However and a big however they came back better men for going. You will love the letters and your family will be blessed in ways you never realized. Matt will be a great missionary:) Carolyn