Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remembering My Brother Bobby on His Birthday

My brother Bobby passed away in January of 1990. He would have been 57 today. We miss him, but know we will be with him again. Love you Bobby!

Bobby loved to fish!

BBQ on the 4th of July

Fishing with his 2 sons and our nephew Nathan

With his wife and kids on Christmas

I stopped by his house on my way home from BYU one Christmas and he was making this gingerbread house. It was all homemade gingerbread and frosting. Impressive!

His family along with my mom and some of their friends daughters.

Me with all of my brothers and sisters back in the late 80's

His family
Again, we love and miss you!


needlenut said...

If it hadn't been for Bobby you may not have met Dale. I was so glad to know him and his family. I love his daughter Jenny and will always remember how special she is and how much she loved her dad.
Love you Marti and I am glad Dale married you.

dagus1976 said...

I miss him!

Alisha said...

Aunt Marti, Grandma told me about your photos on here, I love them! Would you be able to somehow send me copies of them? I have printed the scanned versions, but the clarity is very poor. I would be willing to pay you for copies. Our address is 5310 East Courtney Ave. Castle Rock, CO 80104 Thank you! Chris is truly going to love seeing these again! He misses his Dad a lot lately.

Marti said...

What if I sent you a CD of the pictures? I just scanned those onto my computer. It would be no problem to make a CD. I will also be in Denver next Saturday and I can bring it with me or I can mail it. If this works let me know.