Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tournament Weekend

Makenzie and Jacob both has basketball tournaments this weekend. Jacob's team played in the KISD Tournament which was here in Katy. Makenzie played in the Aldine ISD Tournament in Aldine, TX. Makenzie is still out with an ankle injury, but I did go watch their 2 games on Thursday night and Dale went to Jacob's 2 games. On the first night, Makenzie's team won both games, Jacob's team won one and lost the second by one point in overtime. Jacob's team went on to win both their games on Friday night and played Saturday for 3rd place and they won. Makenzie
s team took 4th place in their tournament.

Some pics from the girls game on November 21st.
Makenzie making the most of bench life while her ankle heals

Still fulfilling her team captain duties 

the team
Pictures from Jacob's 3rd and 4th games on November 22nd :

They won this game, but didn't get a pic of the score

We were the home team. On to the 3rd place game tomorrow
3rd place game, November 23rd:

This is why we yell at refs! Jacob gets mugged like this all the time and they never call it!

Final score, we are in the home spot!
This puts their team 10-1 for the season so far.

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