Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: The Food

After everyone showered from the morning activities, the food preparations began. We had two turkeys this year, one was baked in the oven and we fried one. We had planned on frying one when we found out we were having company and little to our knowledge did we know Tom always wanted a fried turkey, so he got his wish! While Dale was frying the turkey, Jyl's girls really wanted to swim, normally we would heat up the pool, but our heater was broken on it. I finally told Jyl to let them go, they won't stay in it long since it was cold! The girls put their swim suits on and stuck their feet in it for a little while, but no one went completely in.
Both turkeys turned out really good and there was plenty of food for everyone and then some!
It was really fun to have family visit for Thanksgiving!!
Dale injecting the turkey with creole flavoring

The turkey is frying

The master turkey fryer

It's not cold... as their teeth chatter

Should I get in???

It's a turkey!

The "Adult" table

The "kids" table

I ate it all!!

Brittney put her big sweats on!!

Cheers to you Makenzie!


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