Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Days and a Championship

Makenzie had a basketball tournament Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was clear on the other side of Houston, 60 miles one way. Their game on Thursday, I heard was a tough, hard fought win for them(I was at Jacob's first game). I heard it was probably the best team they have ever faced. A few of the parents told me that Makenzie had the game of her life that night, and of course I missed it. We were able to watch her play Friday night and they really took it to that team. Saturday morning was a tough game also, but in the end we ended up winning by 22 points. Makenzie took 3 charges during that game. She was already bruised up and that didn't help. This was the first loss that team had this season, so it was hard for that team, but they were nice enough to cheer for us during the first quarter of the championship game, they played for 3rd place before our game and won, so they were already there, but still nice to have them cheer us on since we were playing the host school in the championship. We won!! We took a beating against a larger team, but came out on top! So proud of Makenzie and all of her teammates. This is such a great bunch of girls.

This girl Makenzie is guarding, tackled her early on in the game.
She was slow to get up. 

Four of the five starters getting a much needed break

Relaxing in the hot tub after 3 days of basketball

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