Saturday, December 31, 2011

Armed Forces Bowl 2011

We had the opportunity to go watch BYU in a bowl game yesterday. It was up in Dallas, so we went up the day before and spent the night there. We had beautiful weather for the game and we were treated to parachutes and a fly over. The game wasn't looking too good for BYU at the beginning, but they ended up winning it in the last few seconds. Leave it to BYU to make it a blood pressure elevating game.

We've got Spirit

A big group of missionaries. The Dallas Texas Mission President was a real hero yesterday for letting them come!
We felt Matthew there in spirit!

It was a beautiful day for this!! Look at that blue sky!!

The fly over

The girls sporting their BYU tattoo's

Jacob sporting his tattoo

Celebration after a touchdown that BYU it's first lead of the game

Jacob went down on the hill by the end zone to watch the game

The final score

The team with the trophy

One last picture before we leave the stadium

Kids by one of the BYU buses. We thought about waiting for the team, but decided to hit the road and head back home.

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