Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jacob the Homemaker

We received an exciting email from one of Jacob's teachers it read:

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

I have great news! Jacob has tied with another student as the  award winner for Highest Average in the 7th grade class Career Portals (Family Consumer Science). I hope you are able to make the awards ceremony which will be at 1:05 until 2:35 on Wednesday, June 1.

I have really appreciated Jacob’s example and behavior in my class.  I have relied on Jacob many times in the year to help other students and be a leader in the classroom. 

Pam Grochett
CRJH Family Consumer Science

Family Consumer Science is the fancy name for Home EC. 
He now thinks he is an expert in cooking. I was making rice crispy treats this week and he asked me if I put butter in with the marshmallows and I said yes and he said that's good because the marshmallows would scorch and stick if I didn't use butter. Glad he knows how to make rice crispy treats, now I know he won't starve in college.

He also made Honor Roll, but it's just not as exciting as the Family Consumer Science Award!!  
Receiving his Family Consumer Science Award   aka  Home EC

Receiving his Honor Roll Award

Congrats from his friend  Austin
I love the teacher at the bottom(Coach Dickerson), he sums up how we were all feeling about how long the award ceremony was going on and how noisy the kids were being.  

Congrats from another friend

His Home EC Award

His Home EC Medal

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grandma/mom said...

They learn a lot of great things in consumer science. Craig was very involved and was one of the state officers. I still don't think he cooks that well. I really think he joined because of all the girls:)