Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Brittney received the Award for highest average in her Floral Design class at the High School Awards Ceremony May 24, 2011. 
We were on the receiving end of many floral arrangements through out the year, not to mention she made her own homecoming mum.
Their big project was to plan a wedding and keep it within a certain budget. She told her teacher that our church did not charge you to get married in the Temple and you didn't have to pay someone to perform the wedding. She showed them pictures of her cousin, Jenny Smith Bishop's wedding(they were on facebook) at the Salt Lake Temple. The teacher told her if that's how she was getting married to plan it that way. The teacher was quite impressed with the beauty of the Salt Lake Temple. This project was to be presented in front of the class. Brittney was able to tell a little bit about Temple weddings to her class as she presented her project. Also a special thanks to her aunt Lori, as Brittney used a lot of Jenny's reception ideas and Lori helped Brittney come up with some numbers($$$$) for her project.

Also, Brittney received another scholarship. It was from the POWER organization, which used to be DARE.
Brittney has been a DARE/POWER role model through out high school.  

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