Monday, June 20, 2011

How old am I?

There is nothing like sitting in church listening to your son's friends give their mission homecoming talks to make you feel old, not to mention that two of Brittney friends, that were in the congregation,  are getting married this year and these girls were in my 5th year group up at camp three years ago. Where did the time go??

Here is a picture for Matthew 

Colby Crabtree and Daniel Wilkes
Colby got home in May and Daniel last week. Matthew went to Philmont with both of them
and Dale was their Young Men's President.
It has been fun to watch all these young men return home from their missions and especially nice for Dale since he was their Young Men's President. I do have a funny story about Daniel though. He along with Matthew and other's were at our house.Daniel decided to go skinny dipping in our pool and Matthew and Daniel's brother Andrew threw his clothes on top of our roof, and we have a high roof. I was home, but didn't know any of this went on. They were talking about it in Priest Quorum and telling Dale about this and that I was home to which Dale responded, yes I know and Sister Smith wasn't impressed. To this day I think Daniel thinks I saw him in our pool. You've got to love the quick thinking on Dale's part.

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