Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yee-Haw Rodeo Time

The Houston Livestock and Rodeo was in town for 3 weeks. We were able to attend before it left. What was even nicer, was it was compliments of ConocoPhillips. We wanted to go that day because Brad Paisley was in concert that night and lucky for us some tickets became available in the ConocoPhillips suite. We are a little spoiled, I know. It was nice being in the suite because BYU's basketball game was at the same time, so we had access to a TV to watch it.

 We even got parking by Reliant Stadium with our tickets!!!
The girls are in their western wear and Jacob is supporting BYU/Jimmer. 
 Before we went into the stadium, the girls and I went to look at the animals and Dale and Jacob hit the carnival. While waiting to meet up with the guys we decided to take pictures with the horses in the background.
 My sweet girls
 Nice horsey
 Here comes Dale
 Brittney loving on the Scooby Doo Jacob won at the carnival, shooting a basketball of course!
 Let the Rodeo begin

 Jacob impatiently waiting for the BYU game to start and trying to keep Scooby Doo calm
Brad Paisley in concert 

 Jacob watching the game
 Dale joining Jacob. Jacob asked me to leave, he says BYU does better when I'm not in the room.
He did the same thing at home, he told me to go work on the computer during their first tournament game, I guess my presence jinx them??

 Brittney and I over looking the concert
 Makenzie and I
Our family....We miss you Matthew, but know you are doing what you are suppose to!

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needlenut said...

I don't watch the BYU games because I am for sure a jinx. I do follow the scores on my phone.
Next year we will have to come during the rodeo. Looks like you had a ball.