Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jacob's First Track Meet

Jacob had his first track meet yesterday. He usually is a sprinter, but they had him do the 800 meter(1/2 mile) yesterday. He really wasn't too excited about it. He took off really fast and held that for the first 200 meters and then slowed down. His goal was not to come in last. He was the 5th to last so he made his goal. He gave it his best shot and that's all you can ask! 
It didn't help to come home and see BYU get beat in basketball. The poor kid had a rough day!
 Jacob is in the front middle waiting for his event
 At the starting line
at about the 100 m mark

 Almost at the 400 m mark
Coming in for the last 100 meters

Almost done but lost track due to a high fence and people on the track.

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