Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basketball Banquet

Monday the 28th the girls had their Basketball Banquet. This is just the beginning of many high school banquets for Makenzie and the end for Brittney, bitter sweet night, at least for mom.  
 Freshman A and Freshman B Girls
Some of the Varsity Girls

Our Girls
Makenzie and Brittney

Brittney receiving her plaque 

Makenzie receiving her plaque.
Her coach is telling her to get her toe fixed.
She has had an ingrown toenail almost from the beginning of basketball season, but hasn't taken time off to get it fixed and she went right into track after basketball. She didn't want to miss any basketball games or track meets. Luckily track is almost over so she can get it taken care of!

Freshman A Team
Celebrating a 26-0 Season!!

Varsity Team

Makenzie and Coach Mathias

Coach Morris(Varsity Coach) and Brittney

Proud parents with their daughters  
My sweet girls!

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