Friday, January 7, 2011

It Was the Socks!

Jacob's basketball team has struggled through their first 2 games but the 3rd game was a charm, they finally got a win!
Jacob had a great game. He had 17 points, 12 which came from the 3 point line.
That's right, he hit 4-3 pointers!!
He got player of the game. He also had good ball control, especially under pressure.
Glad they finally got a win!
One of his 3 pointers

From the free throw line

Putting another one in!!

Can't give Jacob all the credit.
None of this would have been possible with out these: 

Nike Elite Basketball Socks!
He was super excited to get these for Christmas. They were very hard to get a hold of,
but I managed to find some online after a month of looking for them.
If you read the reviews on these socks, people claim all kinds of good things these socks have done for them.
Just keep believing!!! 

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