Monday, January 10, 2011

Getcha Head in the Game

 As mentioned in the previous post, the girls had a church basketball tournament.
Here is the brackets.
In the lower left corner you will notice a popular phrase from High School Musical,
"Getcha head in the game."
Unfortunately, Brittney took this seriously, another girls head collided with with hers and she split her eyebrow open. The other girl didn't even have a red mark. 
Brittney didn't even realize she was bleeding let alone, had her forehead split open. She wanted me to get her a band aid so she could stay out there and play, which I did, until I saw it up close, it was definitely going to need stitches. Off to the ER we went. Five stitches to fix it.
She wanted me to hold her hand while they put them in, I did for awhile till I got queasy and had to sit down. I really shouldn't have watched what they were doing!
Makenzie stayed behind and stepped up her game to pull out a win for us!!  

The Stake Young Women's leaders taking care of Brittney 

Texting while in the ER

The gash!!

 After she was stitched up she had a hair appointment.
Nothing makes you feel better than good hair!

Brittney's eye a few days later

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featherhead said...

Ouch... just looking at the picture makes me queasy. However, I am hoping to see the pictures of the black and blue eye in a few days. Get better soon!! :)