Monday, November 22, 2010

Tournament Champions

Makenzie's Basketball team had a tournament this past weekend.
They won the tournament which was a big deal.
Her team only started with 8 on Friday night. We lost a player to an ankle injury.
Saturday there was a girl that wasn't there due to a prior commitment, so with her gone and the ankle injury they were down to 6.
In our last game we lost a girl to a head injury and another to an asthma attack so e were down to 4 in the 4th quarter of our Championship game. These ladies were awesome!!! They worked hard and fought hard!! 

Makenzie getting around the big girl
 I will get around you!!
 Just try and stop me!
 You can't hold me back!!!

Makenzie laying down between games

And now we are down to 4 and they still couldn't score on us!!!

The TIRED but happy Champions!

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grandma/mom said...

Makenzie is a great player! Love the pictures! Good for her!