Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brittney's New Gig

Saturday, Makenzie had basketball scrimmages. we were going to miss them, except for the last one since we were playing our rival high school in football. Since we were getting crushed, Dale and I left at half time. It was a painful football game!
Brittney stayed for the whole game, but came over to watch Makenzie afterwards. There was a shortage of refs, actually all the refs left before they were finished. There were Varsity, JV and Freshman games all going on at the same time. 
Brittney got lucky enough to ref Makenzie's game since she is the Varsity manager. Brittney has never reffed before.
She wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. She ran past us once and Dale yelled, your horrible ref, to which she responded, "Shut up Dad". She didn't do too bad. Her biggest problem was blowing the whistle loud enough for us to hear.    
Like her ref attire??

She threw the ball up so high, we thought it was never going to come down!

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