Saturday, October 9, 2010

News of the Week

Let me start out with the bad news, actually it's not so bad, Brittney was cut from the Basketball Team. This is actually a blessing in disguise. She really wasn't having too much fun and she probably knew from day one that the coach wasn't even considering her since she always had her playing on the team with the Sophomores. They did ask her to stay on as manager since all her friends are on the team and she has been with them over the years. Brittney accepted this on one condition, that is that she only had to go to the class period and could still work out with the team, but not stay for after school practices. The coach accepted those terms, The coach told her she would get Brittney her Letterman's jacket to which Brittney replied she already got one last year for academics.Brittney has tough classes this year and has been a little stressed and I think a load has been lifted off of her shoulders. Brittney also has a math tutoring job, that pays well, and she can continue to to have time to do that.

We found out on Thursday(10-7) that Jacob was selected to push a button to launch 3000 rocket simultaneously, for a world record, at the Scout Jamboree that is being held this week end. This was a random drawing of around 20,000 scouts. There is going to be a lot of media and he needed to be in an official scout uniform. We had the shirt but had to round up pants(Jacob doesn't even own jeans let alone scout pants). We did find some scout shorts to fit him, but now he has to wear scout socks. His leader had socks for him to wear. I'm excited to see what he looks like in the full uniform. I sent Dale with a good camera to capture this for me.

We got our email and some pictures from Matthew on Wednesday. He sounds like he is doing well and I love his smile in all of his pictures. I couldn't be happier that he is serving a mission, even though I miss him a lot! He was able to look at my blog and he saw the one of me sorting all his clothes and he sent me a note not to throw any of it out.

And this is a random observation I made yesterday. I was in my car waiting for Jacob to get out of football practice. When practice is over, the boys usually walk real slow because they are hot and tired, yesterday they all ran to the locker room, I guess they aren't so hot and tired when it's Friday!!

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