Saturday, October 16, 2010


Here are Brittney and Makenzie all dressed up for Homecoming. They both went in groups. Makenzie had a group made up of 8 girls and 4 boys. Someone made the comment that was good odds for the boys, to which one father replied, "let me go dust off my shot gun."
Brittney's group was all couples except for her and another girl. she said it was odd taking group pictures, but dinner, dance and after party was a lot of fun!   I spent the evening transporting Makenzie's group around. Brittney's group had a party bus, but it picked them up from the restaurant so I had to drive kids from pictures to the restaurant. The party bus was the fun part. After the dance it took them to a house so they could all change their clothes. The neighbor was irritated that the bus was blocking 5 feet of her driveway at midnight, that when they returned at 2 am she called the police on them. I guess this neighbor has a history of calling the police on the neighbors, so the cop came and said nothing to them. It makes for a great story though. Also when they were out driving around on the party bus, they all had to use the restroom. The bus driver went into a very nice hotel next to to Minutemaid Park(Astro's Ballpark) and said she had a bus full of Swedish gymnast touring the city and need to use the restrooms. She came back and told the group they were Swedish gymnast and they went in and used the facilities. They got this bus drivers name and number so they can use her again for Sadie's and Prom. Both girls had fun and I though they both looked so beautiful dressed up!


grandma/mom said...

So glad they had a good time and what fun bus driver. I think it was nice that you didn't have to have a date, and they did look really beautiful:) I wish they would have done things differently when Kristen was in high school.

Clark Family said...

Great pictures! You girls look beautiful!!