Sunday, October 10, 2010

All for A Good Cause

 Yesterday my heart was full as I watched Makenzie and many of her friends and classmates hold a car wash to raise money for a classmate, Lauren, who was just diagnosed with  Leukemia.They were able to raise over $1800.00 !!! Makenzie also told me how many people just gave money even if they didn't get their car washed. They were in a McDonald's parking lot and people would give them their change from the drive through. It has been neat to see all the things the kids at her school are doing to help support and raise money for Lauren, and it was good for these kids to see the generosity of the community. I ran some dry towels over to them and Lauren just showed up. I looked at Lauren's eyes as she looked on at her friends, I can't even begin to describe what I saw. I just sat in my car and shed a tear or two, not out of sadness, but because I was so touched by the whole scene.
Who says that teenager's  are no good??? I just proved them wrong!    

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