Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Elementary

When the kids were in Elementary School they always had a big fundraiser every year. We always bid on the basketball game against the teachers. When we saw they were having the fundraiser we said we would miss on bidding on and winning that game against the teachers. Well today, I got a message from Jacob's 3rd grade teacher asking if he and his friend, Thomas, could come be honorary members of the teacher's team. They were both able to go up to the school this afternoon and play for the teachers instead of against them. A fun time was had!! Thank you Mrs. Karlsson for inviting them!!!!
Jacob with a fast break


Going to shoot but.....

......passed it off to a teacher

Thomas and Jacob
Best Friends

Makenzie with Mr. Smith
He was her 3rd and 4th grade teacher
He is now the Assistant Principal

Jacob, Mrs. Karlsson and Thomas
Mrs. Karlsson was Jacob's 3rd grade teacher

In Elementary we always ate at New York Pizzeria after the teacher game and we didn't want to break tradition.

Jacob with his napkin bra

Yummy !!!!

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