Sunday, March 7, 2010

Championship Saturday

Well, basketball season is officially over! And I am tired! Jacob's/Dale's team tied for first place in regular season play. We had the tournament last week and won both our games on Monday and Wednesday so we got to play in the Championship Game. We played the team we tied with. We beat them in regular season, but unfortunately last to them yesterday. We got 2nd place so we can't complain too much. After our game we had a party outside of the school where the award ceremony was being held. We had pizza and cake. Afterwards we headed inside to collect our trophy's.
Great Season Panther's!!! The team member's being introduced before the game on Saturday.
They all get introduced with a nicknamed giving to them by the coach(who happens to be Dale)
Jacob was Jacob "Superman" Smith
One of Jacob's baskets

This shot also went in!

Pep talk by the coach.
I love Jacob's coach!!!!

Party time! And it was a beautiful day for it!

Dale passing out awards

What do basketball players do at a party?
Play football!

Jacob wants a shirt that they were throwing out at the awards ceremony.
He caught one, but it was really small! He also got a small basketball. He actually caught a full sized basketball and an adult took it from him....JERK!

All the trophies

Jacob getting his 1st and 2nd place trophies
(wearing the small shirt he caught)

The few boys I could catch to get another picture

My Champions!

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