Monday, March 29, 2010

Brittney and Marti's Big Adventure

On March 12th Brittney and I started of on a road trip to Utah. We left in the evening and drove to Dallas and stayed the night at Erica's (Brittney's cousin)place. We got up early on the 13th and drove to Denver and stayed at my parents house. We did eat dinner at Chipotle before we got to my parents. We left the next morning, the 14th and drove to Utah. We hit lots of fog, wind(we were driving I-80 through Wyoming) and snow between the Wyoming and Utah border. We stopped in Salt Lake to get Matthew's wallet that he left at Uncle Dave's house. We saw lots of family at Dave's house. Grandma and Grandpa Smith were there as well as Tyson, Kristina and their kids. We saw Jenni and Tyler as we headed of to Provo. Jenni lent Brittney some warm clothing to snowboard in. 1600 plus miles we arrived in Provo. We picked up Matthew and went to the Olive Garden for dinner. After dinner we headed to Dale's Aunt Carolyn's and Uncle Brent's house where we were going to stay. We dessert at Brent and Carolyn's house and their son Cory's family came over also. We then headed to the dorms for a little bit. Here is a snow fort someone built on Dave's street. They actually get enough snow there for a fort, we are lucky to get snowmen!
Brittney chillin in Matthew's dorm room

Matthew is happy to see us!!

On, Monday March 14th, Brittney went to classes with Matthew and I went to breakfast with Brent and Carolyn and they took me shopping at a few stores. Later that evening a bunch of Dale's family met at the Brick Oven for dinner. There was 19 of us. I always enjoy Brick Oven with big group!
Dale's cousin Kirk was having a birthday that week so they sang to him.

Dale's Parent's aka Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Brent and Carolyn
Dale's uncle and aunt

Ashlee, Tyler and baby Shaylee
Ashlee is Dale's niece/Brittney's cousin

Marilyn and Kirk
Kirk is Dale's cousin

Dan, Chrissy,baby Jacob,Todd, and Becky
Becky is Dale's sister

Kristen's roommate, Kristen, Brittney and Matthew
Kristen is Dale's cousin
Dave and Lori
Dave is Dale's brother

Brittney Matthew and I
I am Dale's wife and Matthew and Brittney are his children..heheh
These were just the glasses from 7 of us. We have a drinking problem!

On Tuesday the 16th we got up early for Matthew and Brittney to go snowboarding. This was Britteny first experience snowboarding. I got them dropped off and headed to the outlet malls.
Brittney putting her boots on

Matthew and Brittney ready to go
I was browsing the stores and get a phone call from Matthew. Brittney and snowboarding were not hitting it off. Matthew really didn't take time with her and didn't take her to a bunny slope. She was pretty bruised up from falling and really strained her neck. She was sore for a few days. I went back and picked them up and we all went shopping at the Outlet Mall! We went through Salt Lake on the way back to Provo so we could eat at Chipotle, they don't have one in Provo. After eating lunch we took Matthew to Sam's Club so he could stock up on Dr. Pepper. While driving on a side road we saw this biker. We hurried to get a picture of the back of his riding pants. It's a little blurry but it says "BAD ASS" We thought that was funny for riding pants.
That evening after dinner at In and Out we went bowling on campus.
They wouldn't let us play with bumpers, you had to be 12 or under.

Love my form?

Matthew throwing a strike

Brittney still in pain from snowboarding

First game

Second game...not bad for no bumpers!
On Wednesday the 17th Matthew went to class and Brittney and I went to Salt Lake to shop. Shop we did! Brittney also stopped by her cousin Ashlee's salon to get a hair cut. That evening
we had dinner with Brent and Carolyn at La Casita's. The food was great and the owner was such a funny nice guy! Must go back to eat there this summer when we are there.
On the 18th we headed for the airport at 4:30 am to catch our 7 am flight. Our flights were all on time, but we had a 2 year old that screamed all the way from SLC to Phoenix and just our luck, it was on our flight to Houston, where the kid just screamed, I'm not talking crying, I'm talking loud burst of screaming. I still think my ears are ringing.
Thanks to Carolyn and Brent for putting Brittney and I up in there home. We love to visit with them.

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