Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sadie's 2010

Brittney is going to her first Sadie's dance tonight. She is going in a group of 24 kids. The theme of the dance had something to do with "how sweet" it is. Their group decided to make shirts with the "m" from m&m candies on it. Each couple was a different color. Brittney and her date Jeremy were light blue. We thought it would be so cool when we got them all together to take a group picture, unfortunately it was cold and windy and no one wanted to take their jackets off for very long. Hopefully someone will get a picture of them at the school. They also had their names on the back and I forgot to get a picture of that. It was cute how she asked him and how he responded, but that's another blog entry after I acquire the pictures. This is the temp from the mirror in my car. I have no idea what the wind chill was, but it was cold!

A few of the kids

The whole gang

More of the gang

Good friends

And they are off to the restaurant


Melanie said...

Man, you're on the ball! So cute!! Brittney told me that she was making a blue m&m shirt for this and I just saw their group on a friend's facebook... the red couple (Megan Cotton). What are the chances? I hope they have lots of fun!

Karen said...

Cute pictures, but BRRrrrr.......!!!!!!