Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Proud of My Daughter

I want to brag on Brittney a little bit.
Yesterday, her basketball game got started really late because the freshman game before her game went so long due to an injured girl on the other team. The paramedics were called in and they took forever, like 25 minutes to get there. Luckily the girl is ok. Brittney was asked to give the team prayer before the game and I was told that she included the injured girl in her prayer. I guess Brittney has been asked to give the last 6 team prayers because they like the way she prays. And yes we pray at school functions in Texas! Anyways, she got home really late because the Varsity game went into double over-time and she has to stay. She was up late doing homework and I suggested that she skip Seminary in the morning to get an extra hour and half of sleep. She said if she didn't wake up to her alarms to let her sleep, but make sure she was up by 6 to get ready for school. I was up at 5 and saw no light in her room, but about 5 minutes later she got up, got ready, and went to Seminary. I'm so proud of her dedication and the good example she is to everyone around her.


srichards said...

It was fun seeing you last night...even if you did beat us! I love the title of your blog...totally appropriate for your family!

Liz said...

Love that girl!!