Friday, January 29, 2010

Makenzie On Fire!

Makenzie had a great game last night. She was a rebounding machine, had great defense, many assist, steals and had the magic touch when she shot the ball. She was 2-2 at the free throw line, 4-6 in shots taken. It was also a fun night because the High School teams came to watch them play and it was fun for Brittney to show off her little sister to fellow teammates. After the game her coach came up to her and said the 10 points she had didn't reflect everything she did on the court that night. What a nice compliment! Freshman, JV and Varsity girls scattered with a few others
The High School girls stood up and made a tunnel for Makenzie's team to run through and the 8th grade B team girls joined in. Makenzie looks like a ghost coming out the tunnel.
Shooting a free throw....SWISH

She got a steal and took it to the hole

Another swish!

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