Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Made it

We are finally home. Man that was a long drive. It was even longer with all the road construction. I think we had to stop and wait 4 different times on Friday. Saturday we didn't have to stop for construction there was just a lot of 4 lane highways down to 2 lanes and it was slow when you got behind a semi and couldn't pass. Here is what we did to pass the time at one stop on Friday

Jacob in his blue BYU wig was entartaining us

Brittney has had enough of us making fun of her. And Jacob is mad that I made him get back in the car. He was entertaining the cars around us.

Makenzie is singing

Matthew is pleading me to let him drive the new Suburban.

No you can't! You are giving me a headache!


needlenut said...

so glad you came. We loved having you. Grandma

martib said...

It was fun visiting!

mousemovie said...

Just be glad the new 'burban couldn't play American Idol...

martib said...