Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Build an Ark

It's starting to rain
It's raining harder

The pool is to the top

Lake Katy, in our backyard

Get a boat to row down the street
Good thing we got that sprinkler system, at least we didn't put it in the backyard. I wish I could send this rain to California to put out the fires. We actually need the rain, it has been hot and dry except for the past week. Now that I said that it will probably rain all the time while we are in California.


featherhead said...

I certainly hope that the engineer in the family put drains in while he had all of the trenches dug for the sprinklers!! :)

Actually, I was kinda hoping you would bring some of that rain with you...

martib said...

Last summer he put a drain in, it works, but not when it comes down that fast

mousemovie said...

Sounds like a trip to Bass Pro Shop for another boat motor... :)