Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve Selfies with the girls

The house is all decorated up

The Steaks are ready to go on the grill

 The master griller at work

 After dinner we all put on our matching jammies and watched Mr. Kruegers Christmas.
After the movie we had a neighbor come over and take our picture and we even brought the dogs in the house for the picture. Charlie now thinks she can come in anytime!

 Charlie know how to pose for a picture
 After pictures the kids got to open up presents from each other and one from Mom and Adad
Matthew picked out shoes for Jacob to buy, Jacob just stuck some other shoes in the box :-)

The girls bought Jacob some Sponge Bob onsie pj's 

Makenzie likes lime green!

Brittney snap chatting her gifts

They fit! he now has something to where on pajama day at school next year.

Surprised by the jeans that she picked out!

I got a Texas waffle maker. I took a picture of it by the package I wrapped in the Texas shaped box.

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