Saturday, December 21, 2013

All kids are home

We drove up to the airport to pick Matthew and Brittney up. I checked the light status and it said their flight had arrived. We waited and waited and finally got a text from Brittney saying they were there, but they had sat in the plane for 30 minutes because there was another plane at their gate. We waited some more and after an hour they finally got to their gate. Although we had to sit and wait for them, I'm grateful they made it home on the day they were suppose to. Many flights out of Salt Lake were either delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, our kids made it out of there on time! I had a great niece who got out late and missed her connecting flight in Denver and couldn't get another flight for a few days. At least while we waited we got to hear Katy lose the state championship game on the radio.
Me waiting and waiting in the car. My toes got cold!

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